Tempory Computer Instructor

▶ Employer/Institute : University of Colombo

▶ Application Closing Date : 2019-11-07

▶ Source : Not Mentioned..

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Customer Relations Executive - Laugfs Gas PLC

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-19

▶ Source: Top Jobs

Commercial Executive - United Motors Lanka PLC

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-05

▶ Source: http://www.unitedmotors.lk

Assistant General Manager - State Mortgage and Investment Bank

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-14

▶ Source: Top Jobs

Housekeeping Supervisor - Nawaloka Hospitals PLC

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-04

▶ Source: http://www.nawaloka.com

Corporate Account Manager - LOLC Holdings PLC

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-04

▶ Source: http://www.lankaorix.com

Chief Information Security Officer - SDB Bank

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-18

▶ Source: Top Jobs

Electrical Engineer - JAT Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-17

▶ Source: Top Jobs

Internship - Lanka IOC PLC

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-10

▶ Source: Top Jobs

Accountant , Programme Manager , Programme Officer - Child Development Fund

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-05-31

▶ Source: Top Jobs

Senior Registration Officer - LK Domain Registry

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-16

▶ Source: Top Jobs

Sales Officers - Kotmale Food Products (Pvt) Ltd

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-16

▶ Source: Top Jobs

Software Developers - Lanka Electricity Company (Pvt) Limited

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-22

▶ Source: Daily News- 2020-05-27

Trainee Sales Executives - Neochem International (Pvt) Ltd

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-01

▶ Source: Top Jobs

Vacancies - Colombo South Co-operative Society Ltd

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-12

▶ Source: Dinamina News Paper - 2020-05-26