Digital Media Executive

▶ Employer/Institute : Odel PLC

▶ Application Closing Date : 2020-09-04

▶ Source :

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Internal Audit Assistant - ICT Agency of Sri Lanka

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-11-03

▶ Source: Top Jobs

Maintenance and Process Supervision Manager - Lanka Salt Limited

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-11-11

▶ Source: Dinamina 2020-10-21

Executive - IT Infrastructure Planning Operations - Dialog Axiata PLC

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-11-09

▶ Source:

Project Officer - Ministry of Health

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-11-01

▶ Source: Sunday Observer 2020-10-18

Senior Research officer, Policy Research Officer, Programme officer - National Education Commission

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-11-10

▶ Source: Dinamina 2020-10-19

Management Assistant - Moragolla United SANASA Society Limited

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-11-10

▶ Source: Dinamina 2020-10-19

Systems Engineer, Database Administrator - National Water Supply and Drainage Board

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-11-02

▶ Source: Sunday Observer 2020-10-18

Program Assistant, Inspector, Technical Assistant, Book Keeper, Management Assistant - Coconut Development Authority

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-11-12

▶ Source: Sunday Observer 2020-10-18

Legal Officer - Ministry of Agriculture

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-11-03

▶ Source: Silumina 2020-10-17

Internal Auditor, Procurement Officer - Sugarcane Research Institute

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-11-09

▶ Source: Silumina 2020-10-18

Secretary of the Council, Information Technology Officer - National Design Center

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-10-29

▶ Source: Dinamina 2020-10-16