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Recruitment for Skill Force (Stage One) - Department of Multi-Purpose Development Task Force

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-02-15

▶ Source: Diniamina (2020.01.20)

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Account Assistant - Softlogic Holdings PLC

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-01-31

▶ Source: http://www.softlogic.lk

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Management Assistant, Medical Officer - Homeopathic Medical Council

▶ Application Closing Date: 2021-03-25

▶ Source: Dinamina Newspaper 2021-03-11

get more detailes about Management Assistant, Medical Officer

District Coordinating officer - Construction Industry Development Authority

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-12-15

▶ Source: Dinamina Newpaper 2020-12-01

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General Manager,Accountant - North Central Provincial Cooperative Employees Commission

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-01-17

▶ Source: Dinamina 2019-12-27

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Corporate Account Manager - LOLC Holdings PLC

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-04

▶ Source: http://www.lankaorix.com

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Vacancies - Ministry of Skills Development, Employment and Labor Relations

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-07-07

▶ Source: Dinamina 2020-06-16

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CustomerR Service Assistent - Richard Pieris & Company PLC

▶ Application Closing Date: 2020-06-30

▶ Source: http://www.arpico.com

get more detailes about CustomerR Service Assistent