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Stores Officer - GSMB Technical Service (Pvt) Ltd

▶ Application Closing Date: 2019-04-08

▶ Source: Silumina (2019.03.24)

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Head of Production / Culinary (Local, Expatriate) - SriLankan Catering

▶ Application Closing Date: 2019-03-17

▶ Source: Sunday Observer (2019.03.03)

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Medical Officer Planning/Quality Management - Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital

▶ Application Closing Date: 2019-05-10

▶ Source: Silumina (2019.04.28)

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Executive - Quality Assurance - Ceylon Grain Elevators plc

▶ Application Closing Date: 2019-10-14

▶ Source: topjobs 2019-10-02

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Office Employee - Public Service Commission

▶ Application Closing Date: 2019-10-04

▶ Source: www.psc.gov.lk

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Executive - Retail Accounts - Abance

▶ Application Closing Date: 2019-10-28

▶ Source: topjobs 2019-10-14

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Junior Executive - Cargills Bank

▶ Application Closing Date: 2019-10-25

▶ Source: topjobs

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Secretary - Hatharaliyadda Multi Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd

▶ Application Closing Date: 2019-04-12

▶ Source: Dinamina (2019.03.08)

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VACANCY FOR- School Leavers – (Male/Female) - Search Lanka International

▶ Application Closing Date: 2019-07-31

▶ Source: skyjobs.lk

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Banking Assistant - Nation Trust Bank

▶ Application Closing Date: 2019-09-29

▶ Source: www.topjobs.lk

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Document Conservator, Book Binder - National Library & Documentation Services Board

▶ Application Closing Date: 2019-08-16

▶ Source: Dinamina (2019.08.05)

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